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Hello Guys, I want to tell you behind the scene of Hanabooktopia, the newest Indonesia online bookstore in town that offer international shipping service.

Halo Teman-teman, saya ingin bercerita tentang kisah dibalik layar Hanabooktopia, toko buku online Indonesia yang menawarkan layanan pengiriman internasional.

Once upon a time, I got an email from stranger who live outside Indonesia that asked me how he get an Indonesia edition of Harry Potter. I tried to find an Indonesia online bookstore that ships internationally, but I did not find any, so I give him link Indonesia online bookstore and marketplace and told him it is only shipped domestically but he said thank you nonetheless.

Suatu hari, saya mendapat email dari orang asing yang tinggal di luar negeri. Dia bertanya dimana dia bisa mendapatkan Harry Potter edisi Indonesia. Saya mencoba mencari toko buku online Indonesia yang bisa mengirim ke luar negeri, tetapi saya tidak menemukannya, jadi saya membalas emailnya dengan memberikan tautan toko buku dan marketplace yang menjual buku Harry Potter dan menjelaskan bahwa toko-toko tersebut hanya mengirim paket domestik (di dalam negeri) tetapi dia tetap mengucapkan terima kasih.

Actually I was confused at first, why he want Indonesia edition of Harry Potter. Then I joined bookstagram community and realized there are book collectors, who love collect book from many parts of the world and for the sake of gorgeous cover/ first edition. It made realized that many Indonesia edition have gorgeous covers. If I live outside Indonesia, I want to collect one too.

Sebenarnya awalnya saya bingung, mengapa dia menginginkan Harry Potter edisi Indonesia. Kemudian saya bergabung dengan komunitas bookstagram dan menyadari ada book collector, yang suka mengoleksi buku dari berbagai belahan dunia dan demi sampul yang cantik/edisi pertama. Hal tersebut membuat saya sadar bahwa banyak buku edisi bahasa Indonesia memiliki sampul yang indah. Jika saya tinggal di luar Indonesia, saya juga ingin mengoleksinya.

Several months later, I got a DM in my instagram account from another stranger. This time, he asked me to help him buy an Indonesia book and send it to him and he willing to pay the cost. He asked my paypal account. At that time, I did not have a paypal account. I asked my fiance (now husband) to let me borrow his, but he suggest me to use Transferwise instead of paypal. So I accepted the offer and help him get an Indonesia edition of a favorite book. He gave me a generous tip for helping him and it made me think perhaps I can turn this into shopping service for bookworm who live outside Indonesia ? I talked the idea to my fiance and he supports me and said I should give it a try, but it didn’t take off since I was busy at work and preparing my wedding.

Beberapa bulan kemudian, saya kembali mendapat DM di akun instagram saya dari orang asing. Kali ini, dia meminta saya untuk membantunya membeli buku Indonesia dan mengirimkannya kepadanya. Dia bersedia membayar biayanya. Dia bertanya akun paypal saya. Saat itu, saya tidak punya akun paypal. Saya meminta tunangan saya (sekarang dia adalah suami saya) untuk mengizinkan saya meminjam miliknya, tetapi dia menyarankan saya untuk menggunakan Transferwise  sebagai ganti paypal. Jadi saya menerima tawaran itu dan membantunya mendapatkan buku favorit edisi Indonesia. Dia memberi saya tip yang cukup banyak untuk membantunya dan itu membuat saya berpikir mungkin saya bisa mengubah hal ini menjadi bisnis. Apa sebaiknya  saya membuka jastip buku-buku Indonesia untuk pecinta buku yang tinggal di luar Indonesia? Saya mengutarakan gagasan itu kepada tunangan saya, dia mendukung saya dan mengatakan saya harus mencobanya, tetapi gagasan itu terlupakan karena saya sibuk bekerja dan mempersiapkan pernikahan saya.

At the beginning of this year, I quitted my full time job and joined UX Design Course at Purwadhika Start Up and Coding School. The Lecturer asked “if you build a start up, what kind start up that you’d be built?” and he said the final project is to design mobile app/web for our own start up. I tried to look for business idea then I remembered my idea to open the Indonesian Books shopping service, hence I presented my idea and named it “hanabooktopia” in front of my class and start designing.

Pada awal tahun ini, saya berhenti dari pekerjaan saya dan mendaftar Kursus UX Design di Purwadhika Start Up and Coding School. Pengajarnya bertanya, “Jika Anda membangun start up, start up seperti apa yang akan Anda bangun?” dan dia menjelaskan tugas akhirnya adalah merancang aplikasi seluler / web untuk start up yang kami bangun. Saya mencoba mencari ide bisnis start up dan  kemudian saya ingat ide saya untuk membuka layanan jasa titip belanja buku-buku Indonesia untuk pembaca luar negeri, jadi saya mempresentasikan ide saya dan menamainya “hanabooktopia” di kelas dan mulai mendesain.

When started designing, I realized that it is easier to make hanabooktopia as online bookstore instead of shopping service. Thus, I designed Hanabooktopia as online bookstore shipping internationally.

Ketika mulai mendesain, saya menyadari bahwa lebih mudah menjadikan hanabooktopia sebagai toko buku online daripada jastip. Jadi, saya merancang Hanabooktopia sebagai toko buku online yang  bisa mengirim buku secara internasional.

With help from my husband, I able to make hanabooktopia come true. I am so excited to announced that hanabooktopia is now open and ship internationally / worldwide😊😆🙌🎉🎉
If you are live outside Indonesia, you can now get Indonesia edition of your fav book to add to your collections😉✨

Dengan bantuan dari suami saya, saya dapat membuat hanabooktopia menjadi kenyataan. Saya sangat senang mengumumkan bahwa hanabooktopia sekarang sudah dibuka dan menyediakan pengiriman  internasional 😊😆🙌🎉🎉
Jika Anda tinggal di luar Indonesia, Anda sekarang bisa mendapatkan edisi buku Indonesia favorit Anda untuk ditambahkan ke koleksi Anda😉✨

To celebrate the opening, I also have 10% off code –> use WELCOME10 at check out. The code is valid until 5th March 😄

Untuk merayakan pembukaan hanabooktopia, saya juga memiliki kode diskon 10% -> gunakan WELCOME10 saat check out. Kode ini berlaku hingga 5 Maret 😄



Wish me luck Guys! Doakan saya, kawan, semoga saya beruntung!

blog image divider irocksowhat line garis dividerINSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY

Sweet Tooth Summer Fest(2)

Hanabooktopia is giving away Indonesia Edition of Strange The Dreamer to one lucky winner ⁣
How to enter:⁣
1. Like this photo ⁣and @hanabookreview photo
2. Follow @hanabookreview and @hanabooktopia
3. Comment book that you’d like to buy from @hanabooktopia with your Instagram username on this blog post ⁣

Extra entries ⁣:
🌸Shout out @hanabooktopia giveaway post on your story and mention @hanabooktopia @hanabookreview (+1)⁣
🌸 shot out @hanabookreview feed (+1)⁣
🌸 Like 5 @hanabookreview photos (+1)⁣

These extra entries offer will be close on Friday, 30th August 7 pm WIB/ 5am PDT / 12pm UTC⁣

This giveaway will ends on Saturday 31st August 2019 at 7 pm WIB/ 5am PDT / 12pm UTC 😉⁣

I will pick the winner random.⁣

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. 😊⁣

PS: if you can’t wait to hold STD in your hand, you can grab one at ⁣
https://hanabooktopia.com/product/strange-the-dreamer/⁣ 😉💕

26 thoughts on “Hanabooktopia

  1. Hana, this is amazing! My goodness, you’ve actually built a small business from the ground up and even turned a coding assignment into an online store I’m in serious awe right now. I’m having a look now at your store and the Indonesian covers are absolutely beautiful! Are they all printed in Indonesian or do they also print in English or are they more so imported books? This is brilliant Hana, you’re an incredible young woman!


  2. I would love to buy your Indonesian Version of Song of Achilles or Strange the Dreamer (obviously hehe). Thank you for this chance!! And lovely blog post 💙


  3. Reading on how and why you set up hanabooktopia is so inspiring. I found that the Indonesian editions are gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing the copy of Circe and it will look good next to my English edition 🙂


  4. AHHHH! I’ve had this edition of Strange and It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover in my cart for a few weeks now, until I can afford to buy both. 😍😍 Instagram handle: @zoe_reads


  5. Aaa every cover is beautiful but Strange the dreamer and Scythe really caught my attention, btw congrats for opening this shop and for doing a giveaway 😊


  6. Such a sweet and beautiful blog and IG Account! It would be lovely to win Strange the Dreamer.

    The link you provided to purchase the book doesn’t work! Help!!!


  7. I’d love to order this, It Ends with Us and Hopeless Indonesian edition wahh ❤ Love all your editions!!! @lauratanned


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