Love is 2 by Puuung Giveaway Winner


Assalamualaikum Good Readers !
Thank you so much for participating Love is 2 by Puuung Blogtour!!

There are 30 participants. Wow..
Your answers are all good and it made me hard to pick the winner ..
But the decision has to make. So I am really sorry to other participant. It is not easy decision to make.

Now, let me announce the winner


*drum rolls*



Congrats Desita Wahyuningtias /@desitaw97 😄 !!! 🎉🎉🎉




Kepada Desita, Hana akan mengirim pesan. Mohon dibalas ya dengan mengirimkan data diri berupa nama, alamat lengkap dan no Hp ya 😀 Jika dalam waktu 2X24 jam tidak membalas, pemenang akan dinyatakan gugur dan Hana akan memilih pemenang lain

To Desita, I will send you message, please reply with your personal data such as name, full address and phone number 😀 If within 2×24 hours , I did not received the data, the winner will be disqualified and I will choose another winner
Terima kasih semuanya! Sampai jumpa di blogtour dan giveaway lain ya!

Thank you so much all! See you in another blogtour and giveaway


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