Celeste @Prettygeekery

Assalamualaikum Hello Good readers, today Hana Book Review has special guest!

Guess Who?

She is Celeste, a bookstagrammer with username @prettygeekery. I admire her feed and unboxing video.

prettygeekery Instagram

You might also know her as book blogger at prettygeekery.com

pretty geekery blog

and bookish merch store owner at redbubble. Her products are cute and adorable.

prettygeekery red bubble shop

I am so excited She is joining me today.  Anyone here also fans/admirer of her?


Hana :  Hi Celeste! Thank you so much for your time and willingness to be interviewed.  😄

Celeste: Hi, Hana! Thank you very much, I feel so honored :D. I’m happy to answer your questions, here I go 😉

1. I think people want to know more about you personally, so can you tell me three random facts about you?
– Hahaha, I’ll try to come up with random things: 1. I’m Mexican and live right at the border with the United States, so I travel between the two countries all the time! 2. My favorite animal is the Okapi! (and my cat Yuki). 3. I love watching Korean dramas on my free time.
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2. Whats your favorite books of all time? 
– The Harry Potter series! I can reread them anytime and never get bored :D.
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3. Do you have a book that inspires you that somehow change your life?
– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. That was the first fantasy book I read and it made me love the genre so much! After reading it, I went to the library and tried to find all the children/YA fantasy books I could read. It inspires me so much because the sense of adventure and magic. Anything can happen in fantasy books!
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4. When and how did you start your bookstagram account? 
– It was May 25, 2016. I started it because it was Towel Day (a tribute to the author Douglas Adams) and I wanted to celebrate the day by sharing a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy picture. So I joined bookstagram that day!
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5. I always love your unboxing video. It is so cool. How long to make one? Would you mind to tell me the behind the scene/ share a few helpful tips to make a video like yours?
– Thank you! And sure! So, it depends on the length of the video. A video that is around 30 seconds like this one

 would need from 250 to 300 pictures. So I start by setting the camera over a tripod and then take a picture of the box I want to unbox. Then I move the box slightly, and go take another picture. Then I open the box, and take another picture! And when I put together all the pictures, it looks like the box is moving all by itself :).
After taking all the pictures, I open them in my computer and put them together in a software called MonkeyJam. That software allows me to export a video after I added all the pics. And after that I go to Movie Maker to add music. And ta-da! That’s it. A video like that takes around 3 hours.

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6. Where do you find inspiration for your pictures/video?
– I look around Instagram and Pinterest, looking for colorful things that inspire me. I love fun pictures, so I try to find fun inspiration :).
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7. What is your advice for taking great quality photos?
– I have noticed that when I take pictures close to my window they look so much better. Natural light is awesome and better than lamps! I also try to adjust the white balance on the camera to make sure my pictures don’t turn too blue or too yellow.
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8. Do you have bookstragam theme? If yes, how would you describe your “theme” on your Bookstagram account and how could you stick to one theme?

– I would describe my theme as fun and colorful. I have always been inspired by cute things and I love candy, so I thought it would be a good theme because it represents the things I love and my personality :).

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 9. If you can describe your feeds/yourself into a book, what book would that be?

– Oh, hmm that’s difficult. I think the book Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen. I find it so relatable and fun, I totally recommend it!

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10. Most fave picture you’ve ever taken?

– I think the one with my Gryffindror uniform, wand and chocolate frogs (this one!)

It makes me feel like I’m a real Hogwarts student :D.

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11. What is your favorite prop to use?
Yuki! Hahaha

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12. Do you have any goals that you haven’t yet been able to get to, concerning your account?
– I would to get to know some of my favorite bookstagrammers and chat with them!
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13. Who are some of the bookstagrammers who inspire you?
14. What is your favorite thing about Bookstagram?
– The community! I have made so many friends! I love that bookstagram is not only posting pictures of books, but getting to know other people who are also passionate about the same things you are. I talk and chat and even send letters to some of my bookstagram friends because they made my life so much fun :D.
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15. What’s your advice to people who want to be a bookstagrammer like you?
– Well, to be a bookstagrammer you only need to take pictures of books and talk about them! It’s so easy! My only advice is to be true to yourself, never try to copy others or pretend to be someone different, because you won’t have fun. And it might be difficult to make friends that way.
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Celeste: Thank you so much, Hana. I had a lot of fun answering your question! 😀
Hana: The pleasure is mine. 🙂

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