Haru Awards 2016

Assalamualaikum Good Readers !😀
Alhamdulillah It is already December😀 I am so happy for this December since the submission for Favorite Reviewer Category in Haru Awards 2016 is already open😀

Yeah! I am planning to participate. Who is also joining with me?😀

In case you did not know, Haru Awards is award from Publisher Haru. They want to appreciate all people that have been helping them in 2016, so they hosting award. Is not they cool?😀

Here are the requirements if you are interested to participate in Haru Group Awards as Favorite Reviewer.:
1. Have a blog.
2. Have reviewed books from Haru, Spring (imprint of Haru Publisher), and Inari(imprint of Haru Publisher).
3. Application Process:
· Please E-mail to haruaward@gmail.com with the subject ‘Reviewer_Name’
· E-mail must contain:
a) Name
b) Address
c) Phone Numbers
d) Haru’s book review link (only one, this link will become reference in the voting process) It can be from Haru, Spring, and Inari.
e) Number of books Haru, Spring, and Inari that have already been reviewed on the blog
f) Link of Haru Group Award 2016 in the blog. Writing  about Haru Group Award 2016 on the blog.

There will be three stages in Favorite Reviewers Category for Haru Awards, they are:
1. Registration (1 to 15 December, 2016)
all the readers who have a blog and been reviewing  Haru Group’s books (Haru, Spring, and Inari) can register/enroll.
2. Preliminary Round (December 18 to 20, 2016)
The whole reviewer who register and provide complete requirements will be included in the preliminary round.
3. Semifinals Round (December 24 to 31, 2016)
Haru Group will select five (5) names that are eligible to enter into the seminal or voting’s stage. Voting will be done by the readers through Goodreads. If the number of ‘vote’ is the same, the finalist will be selected based on the data how many books that he/she has ever been reviewed.
4. Final Round (5 to 16 January 2017)
Will have three (3) names with the highest number of votes to advance to the finals. In this round, the winner will be selected based on the highest vote.
The Winners of Favorite Reviewers category in Haru Group Awards will be announced on  on January 18, 2017.


Let’s participated in this Awards😀

Nisekoi: False Love Vol 2 by Naoshi Komi

nisekoi-vol-2Judul/Title: Nisekoi: False Love 2
Mangaka: Naoshi Komi
Alih Bahasa/Translator: Aninditha Ragia K
Editor: Binarti
Desain Sampul/Cover designer: Erson
Penerbit/Publisher: PT Elex Media Komputindo
ISBN: 978-602-02-9626-5
Jumlah halaman/Number of pages: 192


Raku dan Kosaki mulai meyadari perasaan mereka, namun tidak ada kemajuan. Di sisi lain, Raku dan Chitoge diminta berpura-pura menjalin hubungan percintaan di hadapan orangtua mereka dan mulai mendapat restu. Padahal di balik itu semua Raku dan Chitoge sendiri merasa hubungan ini sudah semakin cocok.

Though Raku and Chitoge’s false love is off to a rocky start, they have everyone fooled! However, Raku’s still hung up on his childhood sweetheart and wears a pendant around his neck as a memento. But one big problem prevents him from finding the girl whom he promised to marry—he can’t remember her name or face! To further complicate matters, Onodera, Raku’s current crush who also harbors secret feelings for him, accidentally overhears the two arguing over their false relationship!


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